FARMERS’ INTEREST WILL BE GIVEN UTMOST PRIORITY: SHEHBAZ SHARIF INAUGURATES WHEAT HARVESTING CAMPAIGN 2017 BY CUTTING WHEAT WITH SICKLE AND HARVESTER AT FATEH-PUR, KASURLAHORE (FNNI)Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif today inaugurated Wheat Harvest Campaign 2017 at village Fatehpur, Kasur by traditional sickle and later by the harvester. He congratulated the cultivators and talking to media men on this occasion said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif-led government of Pakistan Muslim League (N) has protected farmers’ interests and will continue to do so in future as well. The Chief Minister said that he is monitoring wheat procurement campaign and won’t allow anyone to exploit farmers. He expressed gratitude to Allah Almighty and applauded farmers whose diligent work and devotion have driven into the incredible yield of wheat this year additionally expanded farmers’ production per acres. He said that Kisan Package worth billions of rupees introduced by the government has provided positive special subsidies to cultivators as a positive impact of which best wheat crop was acquired. The cultivators have confronted misfortune in the yield of potatoes, rice, and cotton a year ago, in any case, the true endeavors of Nawaz Sharif to give help to farmers furnished them with low rates fertilizers and power, he shared. Shehbaz Sharif said that Punjab Government shared 50 per cent of the expenses on the Federal Government scheme of providing subsidy on fertilizers. He said that Punjab government has also started implementation of Interest-Free Loan Scheme for cultivators who claim minimum 12 acres which are a landmark in history as before cultivators were deprived of any such privilege since the bank was giving loans only to industrialists, investors and rich people. Additionally, he said that steps are being taken to bring fresh seeds for increasing cotton production. He directed Provincial Minister and Secretary Food to ensure the protection of interests of cultivators and no complaint regarding supply of gunny bags should be received. He ordered strict disciplinary action against the individuals who will attempt to endeavor farmers’ rights and coordinated to maintain a strategic distance from middlemen or commission mafia in this Wheat Procurement Campaign.Punjab Government has fixed a target to buy four million tons of wheat this year from the local cultivators even though they have additional reserves of grain. Responding to media query regarding Panama case, the Chief Minister said that we are the civilized nation and will respect the verdict of court whatever it may be as we are confident enough that the decision will be merit based. He said history is witness that in the tenure of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, cheapest and tastiest electricity projects are being installed and Gas Power Projects of 3600MW have saved 112 billion rupees which are not the cup of tea for a corrupt person as no corrupt person can make such savings nor he can complete projects so quickly. Furthermore, he added that 1180 MW gas Power project of Bhikki was inaugurated yesterday after 18 months of its start and producing electricity of 717MW which is a true precedent of transparency and high speed and in contrary to it Guddu Gas Power Project of PPP government in past was twofold in cost and completed in six years. He said that those involved in negative politics and impeachment need to mend their ways as people are well aware of the fact that Nawaz Sharif has set new records of transparency and speedy completion of projects. He said that contract of Nandipur power project was given without tender notice in PPP tenure and six billion rupees of the nation was plundered ruthlessly are lying in Swiss banks and is enough to prove the worth of those before the public who currently addressing on decency and trustworthiness. He vowed that Nawaz Sharif today’s Prime Minister and will surely be Primer of tomorrow as he is the iron-will man who upheld nuclear explosion despite all pressure and has delivered a lot which his people openly acknowledge. Answering another probe, the Chief Minister said that today these persons are making false charges with a specific end goal to conceal their defilement. Sorrowfully he said that despite the confession of Zardari about Surrey Palace none of the courts was approached against him and on the other side are those rich people who are cherishing luxuries and waived loans worth billions of rupees. Shehbaz Sharif said that Nawaz Sharif who was two times Chief Minister Punjab and now Prime Minister has played the incredible role in 51 billion dollars CPEC projects which also depict confidence of China in Pakistani leadership. He added that 1320 MW Sahiwal Coal Power Project which was installed under CPEC will be inaugurated by Prime Minister next month In Sha Allah. He said lower water level at dams is the main reason behind the increase of load-shedding and we will bring all those culprits who were involved in this increased load-shedding. Nevertheless, energy projects of our government will end-up energy crises by the end of this and beginning of next year.

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